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Mecar Rental

How we work

Frequently Asked Questions

Free cancelation

To finish with the confirmation of the reservation we ask for 100% of the payment. This amount, in case of cancellation, as long as it is made more than 72 hours after arrival, will be refunded in full. In case of canceling your reservation with less than 72 hours upon arrival, 75% of the rental amount will be refunded.


Second driver

We include in our prices the possibility of adding a second driver for free. Once the reservation is confirmed, you have the possibility of adding an additional driver to the contract.

Pick up the vehicle

Following the instructions that we send, you will find the customer in the vehicle in the same airport parking lot. You will find the parking ticket inside the car so that you can leave the airport car park after paying for it at the exit barriers.



Once the reservation request is confirmed by us, the client receives a link so that he can complete the reservation data (personal data) and finds the button for the total payment of the reservation. Through a secure payment gateway you can pay by card.

No credit card required

If we differ from other companies for something, it is because we do not require a credit card in any of the steps of the reservation or delivery. The rental payment is made through a secure payment gateway, with a debit or credit card and the data of said card is not saved.

Our prices are final, the insurance is fully comprehensive without excess without deposit. 

Unilimited Kilometres

Our rates include unlimited kilometres.

Free breakdown service 24/7

We provide our clients with a 24-hour telephone number so that in case of a problem during the rental they can contact us. This service has no extra cost.

Petrol policy

We do not charge any card for fuel. The customer does not pay for a full gas and then wait for a refund. We work the same = the same, the client returns the car as he picks it up the first day. We send our customers a photo of the fuel marker and it returns more or less with the same amount.

Return the car

In a simple way, the client returns the car in the same parking lot at the airport. For the client’s peace of mind, he sends us a photo with the reference of the place where he has left the car.

If you have any doubt, please contact us.